Lyapunov control-inspired strategies for quantum combinatorial optimization

We present Lyapunov control-inspired protocols to solve combinatorial optimization problems on quantum computers.

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Our control-inspired protocols do not require any classical optimization effort. They could be used on quantum computers to solve discrete optimization problems with a range of applications spanning supply chain and logistics.

This is a companion paper to “Feedback-based quantum optimization” [arXiv:2103.08619] and presents extensive analytical and numerical studies on: the use of heuristics for improving the performance of our protocol, the robustness of our protocol, how the performance of our protocol compares with that of quantum annealing, and how our protocol can be used to seed QAOA.

For details see

“Lyapunov control-inspired strategies for quantum combinatorial optimization”, Alicia B. Magann, Kenneth M. Rudinger, Matthew D. Grace, Mohan Sarovar. arXiv:2108.05945.